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Trade Plan : Three New Signals

23 Ekim 2014 Kategori : Trade Plan


Due to Chinese economic growth started to slow down and liquidity issues worry investors. Shorting AUD  is a combination of powerful selloff in a single and a potential for the downside that remains ample, considering the relative bullishness prevailing over the last 6 months. Technicals remain bearish against the USD. The 3-year channel combined with the January low suggests a break of 0.8700 is a matter of time. AUD/USD is facing short term resistance around 0.8830.Break above will target 0.886/0.8905. But trend reversal can happen only above 0.8905. Major support is around 0.8650. Break below this area will target 0.8600/0.8525 (50% retracement of 0.6005 and 1.10972).

AUD/USD Short 0.8900- 0.8810-88780  TP 0.8525-0.8570-0.8600  SL 0.8995

EUR/AUD Long 1.4400-1.4430  TP 1.4500-1.4600-1.4650  SL 1.4320.



We'd like to open a Long position GBP/JYP as USD/JYP ends to get stronger. Above 172.80 bullish trend strengthens. But it has to show a clos above 172.82. At least H1 . Major resistance is at 173.00. On the aboyve the target will be  174.40 (200 day 4HMA) and 175.83 (61.8% retracement of 180.69 and 167.99). Minor support is around 171.70. Break of will target 171/169.90.

  • GBP/JPY Long  around 172.95-73, SL 172.49, TP 174.40/175.83. 

Good luck